Yvonne Carter, BSc

Infection Prevention and Control, The Royal Free London Hospital, London, UK

In 2014, Ms Carter was appointed Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control for The Royal Free London Hospitals, one of the UK’s biggest trusts, with 10,000 staff caring for more than 1.6 million patients each year. During which time Ms Carter harmonised infection prevention services across three hospitals and successfully addressed Clostridium difficile rates that were breaching national mandatory thresholds. She is the IPC advisor for the building of the new Chase Farm Hospital responsible for IPC design compliance with national building regulations.

Ms Carter has two degrees, including a degree in Infection Prevention and Control. She qualified in1986 and originally trained in renal dialysis and transplantation. On a clinical level, she is responsible for the provision of IPC advice to the national UK ‘high secure infectious diseases unit’ the original of two units in England for highly infectious diseases such as Ebola virus.

Ms Carter is an Honorary Lecturer with University College London for the IPC Masters degree course. She has lectured and provided IPC expertise in England and abroad including East Europe and Japan for developing systems and processes for improvement. She has written peer reviewed articles published in national journals about practical infection prevention arrangements, innovations and management of multi-drug resistant infections. Developments led by Ms Carter in managing antibiotic resistant bacterial infections led to winning the National Nursing Times IPC award in 2014 for work of “National importance” and shared information with Public Health England for revision of the risk assessment algorithm in the Carbapenem resistant organism guidance.

In July 2016 Ms Carter was appointed as a Council Member of the 1st Board of Specialty Committee of Hospital Infection Management of World Federation of Chinese Medicines Societies.

Terms of Appointment:  July 2017 - June 2019